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Content and Performance Enablement

Align learning, strategy and technology to create business value.

Ensure your investments in learning and development are focused on enabling performance to solve business problems in measurable ways.

Learning and Performance Strategy


We lead our clients through a structured analysis process that gets the heart of the problems L&D can and must solve for the organization, while simultaneously energizing learners and maximizing investments.  Our C-E-O Model employs a through a data-driven approach. We work with clients to build or refine their strategy and develop a compelling business case to support it.

Assessment Services

Enterprise Learning Goals & Future State Assessment
This assessment uncovers the alignment with company strategy, strategy influencers, and requirements for Learning. It enables the development of a clearly defined Future State of Learning for the organization.  This assessment also identifies the key job roles that provide economic and organizational value so that learning resources can be concentrated to maximize the impact and realize value.

Learner Experience Content Assessment
This assessment is designed to help organizations understand their current capabilities and capability gaps that are needed to support a new Enterprise Learning Experience from a content perspective.  It takes on various forms depending on the organization’s starting point.

Learner Experience Technology Assessment
This assessment is designed to identify the fewest technology component options necessary to enable the Future State. It considers gaps, redundant systems and opportunities for consolidation and integration of systems.

Learning Delivery Assessment
Do your delivery platforms and modalities support your current and future goals?  Get a clear picture of your current state delivery model, how it compares to similar organizations and recommendations to make it best-in-class. Whether it’s integrating new tools and platforms or making the current ones work better for you, we’ll help you see the whole field.

Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Opportunity Assessment
If you are like most learning organizations today, you are being asked to do more with less. You need to produce greater volumes of high-quality learning, FAST… but your content development budgets are shrinking.  We analyze your curricula to identify areas where OTS providers can replace or augment existing formal and informal learning content.

Mobile Learning Readiness Assessment
Mobile learning can give businesses multiple opportunities to go beyond just courses and instruction. In fact, the right mobile learning strategy can provide a competitive advantage – better customer experiences, higher employee engagement, and more productive operations. Our 3-point assessment strategy includes an initial, hour-long structured discussion that will help identify areas where the organization can leverage learning opportunities as they present themselves.

 Mobile Learning Readiness – Product Data Sheet

Content Design and Development

Instructional Design
Whether your existing content delivery model is instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, eLearning, social, informal – or as is the case with most organizations today – a blend of all of these, our instructional design consultants are adept at designing engaging and effective learning interventions that leverage current thinking and research in organizational learning while also “meeting you where you are” as a learning culture.

Courseware Development
eLearning development tools and technologies have been rapidly evolving in recent years. This has made a wide range of capabilities, treatments and interactivity available to organizations to produce top-shelf learning relatively quickly and cost-effectively. Our development can create innovative and engaging learning experience leveraging a variety of industry-leading authoring tools and cutting-edge best practices to keep learners consistently focused on and engaging with your content.

Pilot Design and Execution
Implementing a new program, technology or curriculum is serious business. Even seemingly small problems can be costly and significantly damage your learning brand. That’s why pilot projects are such a widely accepted best practice. Our team can help you with design and development of these projects – whether you are integrating new informal learning technologies, migrating content from classroom to virtual classroom delivery or implementing a new Learning Content Management System (LCMS). rapidLD can build the project plan, design the solution, develop templates for your team to use, coordinate with third party vendors and provide you with an evaluation plan and summary report when the project is complete.

Workflow Process Design and Development
Learning content development is a production environment that requires sound workflow and process methodology in order to ensure consistent quality and reliable planning and forecasting. Our consultants have decades of experience building learning in a wide variety of settings and can provide tactical support for our learning and development function through the development of: instructional design tools and templates, learning development standards, end-to-end lifecycle workflow and knowledge management architectures.

Measurement and Evaluation Strategy and Service
Evaluation strategy is absolutely critical to maximizing the value of learning for your organization. rapidLD can assess your needs and design a custom measurement and evaluation strategy that tracks and reports on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter to  your business. When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of your programs – both for learners and the organization – one size definitely does not fit all. Our consultants can create a strategy the pulls together a variety of methods and evaluation instruments into a holistic plan. And, if you need help with execution, we stand at the ready to help.

Content Integration

The best content in the world won’t support your business goals if it isn’t functioning as intended inside your learning technology ecosystem.  rapidLD can assist you in successfully designing, developing and deploying effective web-based and mobile content into your learning and talent technology solutions as well as provide best practices and standards for managing the design and development process.

 Content Integration Support – Product Data Sheet

We have Instructional Designers and experts in authoring tools such as Articulate, Captivate, Lectora, Adobe Presenter that can help you design and develop or convert content so it may be deployed across mobile and pc-based platforms to your audience.  Our experts can also create content development standards guides and authoring tool templates to ensure your content meets your needs and is presented with a consistent look and feel. Additionally, we have experts in SCORM, AICC and Tin Can integration standards to help you navigate through the choppy waters of ensuring the content is properly launched and tracked through your learning technology solutions.

Learning System Configuration
rapidLD consultants have deep experience in configuring learning systems to meet the requirements of the business, learning managers and learner audiences.   Our consultants can help you configure Learning Management Systems, Learner Experience Platforms, and other learning technologies in your ecosystem to ensure  they perform efficiently and report the data you need to validate your investments and their results.

Content Loading, Migration and Functional Testing
We know how to prepare, stage and load your content into your delivery platforms. Our consultants perform rigorous functional test protocols to isolate and troubleshoot issues which results in fewer calls to your help desk after launch.

Application Integration
Today’s corporate learning environment is far more complex than it was even 5 or 10 years ago.  rapidLD was built on a foundation of system integration expertise, bringing expansive knowledge and capability in selecting and integrating Learning and Performance Management Systems with a myriad of supporting applications.

Vendor Selection
There are literally thousands of partners in the learning space which leaves you with a dizzying number of options in any area of expertise where you might need assistance. The rapidLD team knows the key players, and more importantly, how to evaluate whether they are right for you. We take a systematic approach to rating and scoring potential partners and provide you with a comprehensive set of recommendations and considerations to help facilitate your decision making process.

Learner Experience

A major trend in learning today is a focus on cultivating and sustaining a new kind of learner experience. Workplace learning is no longer seen as digesting prescribed content through discrete training events. It’s now about making learning a part of the daily reality of work. A number of strategies and technologies have emerged to help make this happen.

In today’s digital world, learning must be personalized, just enough and just in time – supporting both the needs of learners AND the needs of the business. Content curation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are changing the very definition of what it means to be a learner in the twenty-first century.

Learner Experience Visioning
We start by helping you to take a step out of your day-to-day learning operations and chart a path for a future state. Through a series of structured assessments and analysis focusing on your people, processes and technologies, we’ll help you to construct a feasible plan the provides a bridge from your current to future state.

Use Case Development
Many organizations make the mistake of chasing innovation for innovation’s sake. This often leads to questionable investments and leaders struggling to understand their return on them. Our consultants understand that your Learner Experience Strategy must tie to the goals of the business in measureable ways. We work with your stakeholders to develop meaningful use cases designs to target specific audiences and outcomes that clearly demonstrate value for your Learner Experience Business Case.

Pilot Design, Development and Execution
Pilots are an effective way to test use cases, refine strategy and build a completing business case. rapidLD consultants are adept at end-to-end design and development of pilot experiences including: 1) planning and communication 2) content design, development and integration, 3) pilot launch and management, 4) measurement and evaluation, 5) executive summary and results reporting

Learner Experience Analytics and Reporting
A new Learner Experience requires a new approach to measuring what learners are doing, and the associated outcomes. Powerful new analytics technologies, such as Experience API (xAPI) are revolutionizing the way organizations track and report learning data. We can help you tie your strategy and execution to an analytics strategy that reports things your really need to know to understand how your learners are progressing and how the learning function is bringing value to the business.

Technology Evaluation, Selection and Integration
Learner Experience Platforms (and supporting technologies) have flooded the L&D marketplace in recent years. rapidLD has a long history of helping clients to systematically evaluate learning technologies and partners that are the right fit to enable their learning strategies. We built our company on learning system integration work and bring twenty years of integration experience in helping clients to assimilate the latest class of technologies into the enterprise.

Governance and Change Management
Innovation on any significant scale introduces change to the organization. We are able to leverage the experience of our seasoned strategy consultants to help clients formulate a governance strategy and plan and execute a change management strategy that achieves buy-in and aligns all affected audiences with the execution plan.

rapidLD has deployed some of the largest and most active client learning environments in the industry including clients over 1.2 million users and 200,000 course completions per month.