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Learning goals and plans aligned, efficient, and effective.

Mobilize the organization to attract, develop, and retain the right talent with the creation of a Learning and Talent Management strategy that aligns with and supports business goals.


Create your organization’s Learning and Talent Management strategy by assessing your challenges, goals, and business processes to identify process improvements and where to leverage technology.  Create alignment of learning activities with the development of company’s talent capabilities and strategic priorities.  Define clear role of your technology platforms to maximize effectiveness with platforms and eliminate duplication in functionality.

rapidLD works with clients to build and document a Learning Strategy including learning requirements, delivery models, and measurement plans aligned to corporate goals.  rapidLD builds a Learning Technology Strategy to define a ‘role’ for each technology platform and component in the enterprise needed to enable the Learning Strategy.

rapidLD following the best practices and emerging trends in learning technology and has identified a new world order in corporate learning. We call it the Enterprise Learning Experience. It is the alignment of learning and development with the key job activities that deliver the greatest value for the organization, and it is enabled by the marriage of learning strategy and technology integration. It requires more than quick investments in new learning delivery tools. It requires an enterprise‐wide view of how your learners need and want to learn along with your existing capabilities and gaps.  Read our white paper to learn more.

Enterprise Learning Experience – White Paper

Strategic Services – Datasheet

Business Case

Business case development builds a business results focused relationship with business leaders to prove the value of learning investment with return to compete for corporate resources.

rapidLD’s works with clients to build a Business Case by organization that documents business needs, program descriptions, budgets, expected ROI with business results, and a measurement plan.  The business case is validated and signed off by business unit leaders.  The organizational business case documents are rolled-up into an Enterprise Business Case with organization level impact used to make the case for enterprise investments in technology and operations support for cross organization requirements.


Release planning using a Roadmap is a powerful tool to attain consensus on a strategic implementation approach, clarify investment decisions, and ensure execution efficiency.  Roadmaps server as a communication tool to business organizations on platform capabilities, and content additions and acting as a basis to address new functionality requests and platform updates.

rapidLD works with clients to create a Release Roadmap depicts a sequence of activities, capabilities and resources aligned by release for the attainment of goals including a new business capability or improved capability.


Effective governance creates alignment of performance and learning system investments, establishes standards, and builds partnership among learning leaders.  Fostering collaboration among learning leaders promotes innovation as learning becomes more service oriented to the business, adaptable and strategic to create an integrated, mature culture of learning.

rapidLD works with clients to build a Governance Model including a tiered team from all parts of the organization who will represent and support their functional area’s performance and learning management needs.  To enable the model, our services design a Communications and Decision Support Model to create a communications structure with decision making authority and clear escalation paths to help the organization to move from strategy to execution.

Change Management

Eliminating organizational anxiety by enabling audiences with the knowledge and skills needed to make decisions and prepares the organization to execute on strategy to create value and realize benefits.  Audience readiness is critical to minimize potential disruptions, costs, and risks and to maximize the benefits of the Learning and Talent technology deployment.

rapidLD works with clients on all aspects of change management from marketing, communications, end-user awareness, product training, cut-over planning, support planning and ongoing support delivery.

rapidLD has been recognized twice as one of the Top 25 Small Businesses of the Year by the Cobb Chamber of Commerce.