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White Paper

Customer Learning

White Paper: Customer Learning

Organizations are using internal corporate Learning and Talent Management software applications to provide training and development opportunities to their customers. Corporate learning systems were designed and configured initially for delivering required or mandated compliance training to office based knowledge workers. The typical learner accessing these systems was forced to make the time to learn the nuances of the delivery application in order to complete the training required.

When training customers and other learners in the extended enterprise, traditional learning systems have been challenged to deliver a suitable experience for customer learning. Customer training is a voluntary experience. Customers access learning systems infrequently and for specific, elective training on specific products. These may be products the learner is considering for purchase or has already purchased. Customers are looking for easy access to knowledge and will not invest time to learn the nuances of a delivery system in order to access training. Training the extended enterprise customer is a unique challenge for learning professionals.

This White Paper released by rapidLD discusses Leveraging Business to Customer Learning for Marketing, Training, and Support of Customers. This paper explores how training customers is unique and creates value for organizations.

White Paper: Customer Learning