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UCB, Inc. is a global biopharma company founded in 1928 with corporate headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and US headquarters in Smyrna, GA. UCB is focused on severe diseases including:

  • Central Nervous Disorders
  • Allergy and Respiratory Diseases
  • Inflammation Disorders


rapidLD was engaged to implement a learning management system (LMS) that deployed learning and training initiatives to support the US Sales Force. UCB required the ability to deliver and track online as well as instructor-led training for approximately 1,200 sales reps and managers geographically dispersed across the US.  UCB was faced with the challenge of introducing and adopting new learning technologies to support their training needs. Prior to this initiative all training and learning had been classroom-based or performed on-the-job by the trainers. Additionally, UCB had limited resources in the training organization and even fewer that had any experience in developing an alternative learning and development solution.


rapidLD consultants worked with the UCB team to:

  • Conduct pre-implementation consulting
  • Determine a Learning Management System that met business requirements
  • Configure and implement the Learning Management System
  • Perform employee data migration from the HRIS system
  • Perform migration of historical completion records from legacy systems
  • Provide Administrative and Product Training
  • Develop Rollout Strategy
  • Develop End-user Training Strategy
  • Develop Support Strategy
  • Develop Communication Strategy
December 13, 2013