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Flooring Manufacturer

Flooring Manufacturer

Flooring Manufacturer

Bar Code Scanning LMS Integration

  • Largest carpet manufacturer in the world
  • Produces and sells carpet, rugs, ceramic, hardwood, and laminate flooring for residential and commercial applications throughout the world.
  • Company was established in 1946
  • $4+ billion in sales
  • About 25,000 employees in manufacturing, distribution and operations plants across the U.S.

Employees perform roles that encompass every aspect of production, from carpet fiber extrusion to state-of-the-art tufting, from research & development to final delivery. To ensure employees continue to perform and provide excellent quality, design, service and value, four years ago the customer purchased a key component of a learning infrastructure – a Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS is being used to deliver, manage and track employee learning and development that aligns with the many different business initiatives and objectives across the organization including corporate, safety and compliance training occurring in each of the plants and locations across the U.S.


Manual process of capturing and entering employee registrations and attendance for classroom training, workshops, on the job training, and other non-online training into their LMS is inefficient, inconsistent, time consuming and difficult to manage.


rapidLD consulted and collaborated with the customer to design, develop and deploy a technology solution that automated the entire enrollment process through badge scanning. Harnessing today’s web and electronic data interface technology, rapidLD developed an efficient and effective tool for capturing and recording course enrollments including:

  • Course Registrations
  • Attendance Records
  • Transcript Completions

The rapidConnect tool is used for employees and plant workers in classroom, workshops, on the job training, conferences and lunch and learn training events.


rapidConnect Automated Roster and Attendance tool is successfully deployed and utilized on a daily basis for capturing attendance in classroom training, workshops, conferences, lunch and learn sessions and on the job training across all plants and locations.  Additional benefits include the:

  • Elimination of sign-in sheets
  • Elimination of manual attendance
  • Elimination of manual registrations
  • Elimination of spreadsheets and paper-based enrollments
  • Utilization of standard browsers e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome
  • Seamless integration with Organizations LMS
  • Electronic roster submission and storage
  • Instructor, Participant and Event validation
  • User-friendly view of submitted rosters
  • Real-time capture and submission of rosters
March 14, 2014