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Multinational Insurance Company

Multinational Insurance Company

Commercial Sales Division of a Multinational Insurance Company

A very well established insurance company with a corporate base in the South Eastern US and a far reaching presence in all 50 US states, Guam, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands as well as Asia. Established in the 1950’s, the firm had 2010 year-end assets that totaled more than $101 billion with annual revenues of more than $20.7 billion. More than 70,000 independent licensed brokers who are geographically dispersed, sell insurance products for this company.


The company determined that administrative practices for training its sales force were inefficient at best. Sales agents took all their training remotely and faxed in their results which had to be manually recorded in an LMS, an activity that resulted in a high error rate. In an effort to provide their agents with the training tools and resources necessary to sell the
company’s insurance products, several objectives were outlined:

  • Quickly train agents on product and sales initiative
  • Prepare agents for next generation products
  • Improve overall user experience via a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Implement updated classroom and on-line training
  • Deploy an updated LMS with on-demand training, and integrated collection, storing and reporting of results
  • Maintain positive user experience via Single-Sign On


The company invested in one of the top three best-of-breed LMS solutions available in the market. Their chosen LMS was highly configurable to suit their workflow processes. In this way the organization was able to save costs by reducing the number of customizations necessary to accomplish their specific training processes.

rapidLD provided expertise to:

  • Install and configure the LMS application along with its virtual classroom application.
  • Integrate the new LMS with the company’s HR system of record.
  • Support the conversion from the legacy LMS data to the new LMS
  • Configure Single-Sign On capability
  • Implement the company’s global branding elements on the site user interface
  • Create a custom portlet with the ability to host multiple videos in one static video frame
  • Support system and user acceptance testing activities


By benefiting from rapidLD’s expertise, the insurance company was able to successfully roll out the LMS to its insurance agents on schedule. Now in use for more than six months, brokers have easy access to courses on the LMS. An added benefit is the ability to play new product video clips right on the home page. The LMS provides administrators and training professionals more consistency and control into course content and how this content is being delivered. rapidLD has also been engaged to carry out the second phase of the LMS Deployment; this time the target audience is the entire corporate group.

March 13, 2014