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US Department of Education

US Department of Education

US Department of Education (DoED)DoEd-logo

Created in 1980 to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness.


The Education Secretary charged the Department of Education (DOED) to drive results with a strong performance culture. Human Resources Services revised the DOED performance management policy and purchased new automated software to help meet this challenge. The primary purpose of the new performance policy and software tool is to manage employees’ performance by aligning performance results to the DOED strategic plan, focusing on the most important results, communicating expectations, providing effective feedback, and objectively assessing performance to drive a high-performing workforce to achieve the Department’s mission.

The purpose of the new software tool is to help both supervisors and employees manage goals by allowing them to make sure their goals are linked to the overall strategic goals of the Department of Education. The new software will also allow them to track and report on individual, team and organizational performance as well as support the policy guidelines for performance planning, progress/mid-point meetings and appraisal reviews.


rapidLD was hired to help support DOED through this transition by providing the following services:

  • Provide Subject Matter Expertise (SME) on Performance Management best practices
  • Provide consulting and recommend solutions for the software tool’s implementation of Total Goal Management And Performance Management Applications And Integration with DOED Systems
  • Assist DOED with Project Management responsibilities
  • Partner with DOED in creating a change management plan to include communication, testing, and training solutions
  • Partner with Project Team members providing SME expertise on overall integration of software applications within DOED


DOED now has a formalized process for employee/supervisor performance planning, mid-year progress review, and end of year appraisal review discussions. DOED has now been able to fully automate their performance management process and ensure alignment between individual goals to departmental and organizational goals.

December 13, 2013