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rapidLD Supports our clients, partners, and the learning community during COVID-19.

It is not often that I see a ‘Triple Win‘.  But I have to congratulate Jim Fitt, the CEO of Velsoft, for his Triple Win – you can read his press release at http://www.velsoft.com.  He is offering his eLearning technology portfolio to any company that wants to continue to develop their people during this time of reduced travel/travel restrictions brought on by CV-19 AT NO COST (WIN for the customer).  In the process, he gets some valuable marketing for his company (WIN for his company).  And he establishes a precedent in the Learning industry that I hope many others will follow – that we are all about developing people, regardless of the macro circumstances we are faced with (WIN for the Industry).

To that end – we are all in!  rapidLD will provide a Consulting engagement to any company that wants to understand how to leverage the Velsoft offer.  This will be a workshop (delivered remotely) with specific, actionable steps that will allow companies to make investments in people (and particularly at a time where business may be slow).   Just complete the form on this page and our team will reach out to you to schedule you for one of our upcoming consulting sessions.

— Jim Everidge, President, rapidLD

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